O Christmas Tree: Holiday Season 2018

A wise man once said, “The best way to spread Christmas cheer is to sing loud for all to hear.” In my case, make that “decorate big for all to see.”

Let me preface by stating that I love the holiday season – always have, always will. It’s never been about the gifts though. A few years ago, I lost my grandpa (who was more like my father) a couple days before Christmas which really rocked me. So now, decorating for the holiday really restores the sense of happiness and optimism that Christmas is supposed to bring. Everything about the holiday from the family time, to the lights to the decorating gets me excited and, growing up on the East Coast where it’s often freezing by October, frankly it’s the only thing about winter worth looking forward to.

Every year I try to go all out as much as possible for the my home décor, but unfortunately last season I had the bad luck of moving into a new apartment on New Years Day, which meant no décor for the first time in YEARS. However, I vowed to come back more festive than ever.

Enter Christmas 2018 and my process towards getting my place holiday ready.

The Tree.


Ordinarily, I select whichever tree looks good in the moment, however, this time around I wanted to be a little more strategic. My ceilings are 14 feet high, but I also have the perfect little corner between couches for tree placement so going tall, yet narrow seemed best. Thus, I went with Target Wondershop’s 9ft Prelit Slim Alberta Spruce which hit both marks perfectly. The tree arrived in three parts and was painless to put together with a ladder and minimal effort.

The Ornaments.

This is where things got a little trickier. Generally, I stick with the traditional red and greens for décor, but I thought, “new home, new traditions.” That in mind, I went on a Pinterest hunt seeking inspiration. Shortly into my search I came across a post from Craftberry Blush suggesting to follow the color palette already in your home for the holidays so that decorating is more seamless. I looked around at my white, silver, and neutral tones then decided to go with gold (rose and yellow), silver, and pink for my decorations. I tied the wood back into my theme by incorporating Target’s Glitter Pine Cones for a natural, yet sparkling feel.

The primary ornaments came from Target as well including three boxes of their 50 count 70mm ornament sets, a suitcase (because to know me is to know that I love being on the go as much as possible) and an Eiffel Tower (since Paris is of my favorite destinations).

Other pieces include some beautiful (yet extremely delicate – which I learned the hard way) glass icicles and LED crystal balls that I picked up from The Christmas Tree Shop in Cherry Hill, NJ.

I finished up by forgoing the traditional tree garland and instead scattering artificial white poinsettias throughout the tree branches and placing a gold one at the top.    

The Final Product.

As I mentioned, this year I really wanted to make my tree the star of the show so I kept other décor simple, yet complimentary with two basic green spruce garlands wrapped in clear lights lining both window sills. I made sure that they remained on theme by adding more of the glitter cones and white poinsettias to the windows as well.


Put it all together and, ladies and gents, I think we’re finally Christmas ready.

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