New “Season,” New Month, New Missions: Hello September


If you're anywhere on the East Coast, then it's likely Fall has hit you like a ton of bricks this week. It's Labor Day weekend and the unofficial end of summer is feeling a lot like the its actual conclusion. I personally love summer, but as much as I do I'm anxious for its ending and to launch into a new season of not just weather, but also life.

Summer is great in that it gives you a sense of carefreeness that allows for boundless fun, but at the very same time it can turn into a loss of focus.

A friend of mine posted a tweet that said, "September is the month for renewal" and as I sit here on September 1 watching the tree leaves already falling and the autumn breeze blowing amidst 60 degree weather I can genuinely say that it feels that way. 

Summer is great in that it gives you a sense of carefreeness that allows for boundless fun, but at the very same time it can turn into a loss of focus.

The air feels like new growth and opportunity; a time in which one can really hone in and focus on things to accomplish before the year’s end. 30 days may not seem like much, but it’s a start. Here’s what I’m allowing to be my driving forces this month:

  • Organization - One thing that I love is to always be planning or doing something. A trip, a fitness class, a festival; anything. However, being chronically busy also leads to burnout and not a lot of space for organizing all that’s on your plate. Thus, a HUGE goal for me is adding some structure to my schedule and prioritizing what’s important.     
  • Completion - Speaking of prioritizing what’s important, completing things that I’ve started or ideas that I have will definitely be taking precedent in September. I have the bad habit of starting projects that seem like good, viable ideas and then leaving them to fester. (Example A: I talked about starting this blog a good two years before actually doing so.) However, one of the things that I’d really like to complete is getting into back into freelancing, so this month I want to utilize my time to focus on not just talking about what I could be writing, but actually doing it.
  • Forgiveness - And I mean this in every possible form; Forgiveness of people who may not have been good for me. Forgiveness (and acceptance) of circumstances that are out of my control. And most importantly, forgiveness of myself for being imperfect and also realizing that I could never be.  
  • Accessibility and Openness - For the most part, I consider myself a pretty open-minded person. I’ll try almost anything once (or twice for good measure) and I love knowing new things. However, the type of openness that I’m referring to involves emotional availability and acceptance of people and situations that I may have closed myself off to before; after all how can you grow without opening up to the world around you?  

Now I’m curious, what are some of your missions for the month?

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