Be Kind 2019

Happy New Year! 2019 has finally arrived with a vengeance and just one week in, I’m already focusing heavily on my only goal for the year: living a life of “intention” instead of “resolutions.”


Lessons in Drowning While Fighting To Swim: A Reflection and Playlist

Have you ever just felt… off? Like completely outside of yourself to the point that you’re spiraling to find focus or control in any way? I’ve heard people talk about being in a temporary dissociative state for days or weeks, but I’ve personally felt it for about six months.


Powerful to the Core: The Beast That Is [Solidcore]

I am a sucker for new fitness experiences in almost any capacity, and once you tell me that I can take class in a room with disco-esque blue uplighting, how can I resist? Enter [Solidcore].


The Power and Purpose of Recharging: A Playlist and Ode to Self-Care

Let me start by saying that the past week has been a mental health hell for me. I feel that it’s important to put that out there foremost so that it colors just why I believe this post -- and practice of self-care in the age of comparing our lives based on “likes” -- is necessary.


In Living Color: 2017 Color Run and Tips for Your First 5K

The Color Run markets itself as the “happiest 5k” and following my experience at its 2017 Philadelphia installment, I can’t say that I disagree. At my 48 minute wrap up, I found the experience equally exhausting and exhilarating which is why I want to share some tips that have truly served me for my first two runs and (will hopefully) get you off on yours too!


Finding Your "Fit" In Fitness: 4 Steps

For many people, the thought of working out triggers anxiety, stress or just plain confusion. For a long time I was one of those people. However, when I found myself on my own fitness journey I realized that incorporating it into my life regularly was imperative; not an easy task for someone who, last year, couldn’t tell you the difference between burpees and bench pressing.